Emergency Scene Lighs

Don’t Get Caught in The Dark During A Hurricane… Make Sure To Have Plenty of Lumens

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What Are Lumens? Lumen is a word you may come across frequently when searching for LED lights.Their ratings are frequently listed first on the information panel of an LED light. Lumens are a vital measurement in lighting and knowing how to use them will help you select the best lighting for your purposes. Here’s how Lumens affect your lighting decisions. …

Different Floor Types Aid in the Protection of Your Response Trailer

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Response trailers can be dispatched and used in a variety of emergency situations. The flexibility and practicality of trailers lend themselves very well to many diverse task types, including Mass Casualty, Immunization, Mobile Command, Chainsaw/Mudout, and Shelter Support.  Trailers’ portability and utility make them ideal for a large variety of different mission sets.  When deciding on the best flooring for the trailer, it’s crucial …

Hurricane Categories

Know Your Hurricane Risk

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South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week May 30 – June 5 The majority of people want to know how much rain and wind they can expect from a hurricane, as well as what a storm means for their safety. Categories of hurricanes have been developed so you can know. Although these categories cannot anticipate everything about a storm, they can provide …

Hurricane Surge

Hurricane Season Is Here – Know Your Evacuation Zone

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South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week May 30 – June 5 Hurricanes are dangerous, because storm surge, wind damage, rip currents, and flooding can all result in significant damage. They can occur anywhere along the United States’ coasts, as well as in any region in the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. In the United States, storm surge has historically been the major …

Emergency Flood

Hurricane Aftermath – Recovering From The Storm

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South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week May 30 – June 5 The recovery process after a hurricane can be lengthy, ranging from returning home after an evacuation to assessing and reconstructing damage caused by the storm. Use these suggestions below to help you and your family get back on track. Going Home After The Storm If you were forced to evacuate, …

CERT Members

What’s In Your CERT Kit?

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CERT Teams The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains citizens to prepare for emergency situations in their communities. CERT members provide vital resources and support to emergency responders, provide aid to victims and mobilize spontaneous volunteers at disaster sites when disaster occurs.  Preparedness kits are an important part of a CERT member’s requirements to be ready to respond. Does Your …

Hurricane preparedness

Hurricane Season Is Approaching – Prepare Now

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Hurricane season will be here before we know it. Don’t put off planning before a dangerous storm threatens. Here are four steps you can take to keep your family and home safe. 1.) Be Informed Stay informed and up-to-date with hurricane alerts. Pay attention to weather forecasts and information from state and local news outlets, as well as television, radio …

Vehicle Wrap

Top Seven Trailer Graphic Installation Tips

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Propac has built hundreds of emergency response trailers that are serving across the world.  From fully outfitted mobile command centers to a recent surge of immunization trailers, we understand the mission set and work with government agencies to maximize their response capability.  While overlooked on some occasions, the graphics package is often the most visible and forward facing aspect of …