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Here are some of the more popular items ProPac customers have made integral to their emergency preparedness and response needs.

Whether you need to keep an infant comfortable in an aid shelter or stay warm during a winter storm, ProPac can provide items to keep you prepared. Communications systems, emergency aid and decontamination shelters plus water, power and first aid, ProPac has you covered.

Let us know exactly what you need before disaster strikes. “Know us before you need us.”

  • Portable Vaccine Freezer Storage

    Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Vaccine Storage

    SKU: F6015

    Weight: 0.00001
  • 60 ct. Antibacterial Hand Wipes

    Antibacterial Disinfecting Hand Wipes With Benzalkonium – Box of Four

    SKU: H5840-60

    Weight: 5.46
  • SaniPro Hand Sanitizer Group

    SaniPro Hand Sanitizer

    Weight: 0.00001
  • Cold and Virus Kit

    Cold or Virus PPE Kit

    SKU: K3883-N95

    Weight: .14
  • 3-Ply Mask

    Disposable Latex-Free 3-Ply PPE Face Masks

    SKU: D8012-Surgical

    Weight: 0.00001
  • Protective Face Shield

    PPE – Protective Face Shield

    SKU: D8046-PP

    Weight: 5
  • Winter Warmup Kit – Case of 10

    SKU: K2096

    Weight: 7
  • CAPSULE Patient Isolation Unit (PIU)

    CAPSULS™ PPE Patient Isolation Unit

    Call 1-800-345-3036 to Order
    SKU: D3710
  • Vaccination Drive Thru

    Inflatable Shelter: 2 Lane Drive Through PoD/Rx/Vaccination

    Call 1-800-345-3036 to Order
  • Traumatic First Aid

    Tri-Pack Mass Casualty Trauma Kit Generation 2

    Call 1-800-345-3036 to Order

    SKU: K3307-GEN2
  • Inflatable Shelter: 1 Lane Drive Through PoD/Rx/Vaccination

    Call 1-800-345-3036 to Order
  • CERT Equipment

    ProPac CERT Kit Pro3

    SKU: K20113

    Weight: 7.94