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SKU: L2202

Med Sled® Evacuation Sled

With the Med Sled® Evacuation Sled, you can ensure the proper and safe transport of patients and the injured in an emergency situation. The average person can use the patented Tether Perimeter Design that allows them to move a person 2-3 times their own weight without any lifting, even down the stairs in a multi-story facility. Each medical sled is equipped with a stairwell braking system to allow for a safe and controlled descent, if there are no elevators available. The Med Sled® Evacuation Sled can hold up to 1,000 lbs yet only weighs 11 lbs on it's own.

The sled is capable of storing and carrying IV bags, oxygen tanks, and other small medical accessories a patient may need during transport. Each side curves upwards slightly in order to cradle the person on the sled, creating a secure fit for any patient. With 4 easy steps from start to finish, transporting a patient or injured party is easy and can be done by almost anyone in the facility. The Med Sled® Evacuation Sled works efficiently to perform a quick exit in an emergency situation.

  • Standard Storage Dimensions: 48" L x 9" W
  • Standard Deployed Dimensions: 87" L x 36" W
  • No lifting required
  • T-Strap at the foot provides added security
  • Decon capable
  • Can be used with a backboard or stokes baskets 
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