Food Bars, 2400k Cal, USCG Approved


Emergency Food Bars, 2400k Cal, USCG Approved to provide optimal nutrition without any water or other components necessary. These survival bars will last through extreme conditions and be a cost effective addition to your food storage supplies.

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2400 kCal Emergency Food Bar

If you are looking for a food product to withstand the elements and be easily available outside of your home, these 2400 kCal food bars are the answer. With a 5-year shelf life and the ability to tolerate extreme conditions (-22°F to 149°F), an emergency food bar can be stored almost anywhere. In a survival situation, adequate nutrition is crucial and these 2400 kCal bars are enriched with FDA recommended vitamins and minerals, without the unnecessary fats, common allergens, or cholesterol.

This emergency ration bar has been tested by survival experts and guaranteed by the US Coast Guard to provide you with optimal nutrition that is delivered safely to your body. If your emergency food spoils or isn’t accessible in a survival situation, what good will it provide? Keep several packages of 2400 kCal emergency food ration bars available in your vehicle, office, boat, or other location outside of your home to ensure you have adequate nutrition in an emergency.


  • No water required for preparation
  • Re-sealable packaging to maintain freshness and portion control, when necessary
  • USCG approved hermetic sealing process meets MIL-131 Barrier Materials Standards
  • Non-thirst provoking formula
  • Ideal blend of moisture, salt, carbs, proteins, and fats
  •  2 Bars = 1 full day of food rations
  • Cost effective emergency food supply
  • (1) 2,460 Calorie ER Food Bar contains 6 individual 410 calorie emergency food rations, enough to last 72 hours or 3 days of an emergency situation


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