Lighthouse Inflatable Light Towers

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Portable, powerful LightHouse Series Inflatable Light Towers can easily be carried and set up by one person in minutes.


Now Available: Super stable 16 ft. / 110,000 Lumen Starbase Model, 16 ft H, with Directional Lighting capability.

Lightweight, Powerful & Affordable: Our Inflatable Tower Lights are ideal for emergency response, search and rescue, crime scene investigation or any scene that needs a quick, powerful and convenient light source.


  • Manufactured in America by the same skilled craftspeople that build airships and balloons for the U.S. military
  • One person can easily transport and set up
  • Withstand winds up to 60 mph with proper staking or sandbags
  • Quiet internal fan inflates tower in 20 seconds.
  • Metal halide lamps with high quality digital ballasts reduce heat and weight.
  • Use an inverter to power from your vehicle
  • Ideal to pair with compact Honda Super Quiet portable generators–call for details.
  • All models come complete with soft sided carry bag with shoulder strap and swing out extension legs for sandbags or stakes.

Available Options

  • Hard shell case and transport cart
  • Triage color gels, lettering and logo imprints

Six Models
Item X1150: 7.5 ft. H | 250 Watt | 21,000 lumens | $1598.00
Item X1152: 10 ft. H | 400 Watt | 39,000 lumens | $1698.00
Item X1155: 12ft. H | 600 Watt | 65,000 lumens | $1949.00
Item X1157: 14ft. H | 1000 Watt | 110,000 lumens | $2498.00
Item X1159: 16ft. H | 1000 Watt | 110,000 lumens | $2949.00

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