Triage Color Gels, 4-Pack, for Lighthouse Light Towers

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Designed for LightHouse Series inflatable light towers: Triage color gels for around the clock operations. 4-pack includes gels in black, green, yellow, and red.


    • Set of 4 color gels in triage colors are designed to fit any of our LightHouse Series inflatable light towers.
    • Identify designated triage areas while providing well lighted workspace around the clock.
    • 4-pack includes 1 sleeve in each color: yellow, green, red and black.

Please specify LightHouse model:
Model LH250: 7.5 ft. H | 250 Watt | Item X1150
Model LH400: 10 ft. H | 400 Watt | Item X1152
Model LH600: 12ft. H | 600 Watt | Item X1155
Model LH1000: 14ft. H | 10000 Watt | Item X1157


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