MPOWERED Luci® Explore Smart Solar Light + Speaker + Mobile Charger


Wake up with a circadian rhythm alarm clock, listen to music in your home, relax with friends on the patio… Whether you’re at home or traveling, Luci Explore is right there with you. Completely solar powered, with a high-quality speaker, USB port, and Bluetooth® wireless technology, the Luci Explore Smart Solar Light + Speaker is a must-have for anyone on the go.

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Ever wonder what the sun sounds like?  Lightweight.  Water-resistant.  And solar powered.  This smart little light is your personal speaker, mobile charger and wake-up light.  The best travel companion you’ll find.

Product Features:
  • 18 LEDs shine up to 220 lumens—and can be customized to any color you desire, creating custom moods
  • Connect your iOS or Android devices to the light via Bluetooth to use the Luci Explore app
  • App includes a wake-up light feature that moves from red to bright white
  • App also features an alarm clock setting with select sounds (birds chirping, ocean waves or rooster crowing) to help get your day started naturally
  • Control brightness, hue and speed of transition between colors, and conveniently check battery life within the app when speaker light is out of reach
  • Play music on Luci Explore over the Bluetooth connection
  • If you have multiple Luci Explore lights (sold separately), the app allows you to manage them from one control center, operating them as a unit or individually
  • Quick charge via USB in 5 to 6 hrs. or via solar in 25 hrs. (USB-A to USB-A cable included)
  • IPX4 rating means this can withstand splashing water from any angle
  • Operating temp: 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)
App Features:
  • Control: ​Determine brightness, hue, speed of transition between colors, select from unlimited colors and check battery life when light is out of reach
  • Moods: ​Create your own moods and experience pre-set moods built into the app ○ Dawn: blue and purple hues ○ Dusk: orange and red hues
  • Alarm: ​Set an alarm for any time of day with pre-programmed nature sounds including birds, stream and forest
  • Timer: ​Conveniently set timers to schedule lights to turn on and off at designated times
  • Use for Travel, Home decor, Mood, Patio
  • Charges in 25 hours in direct sunlight or 5-6 hours via USB lasting up to 24 hours
  • 200 Lumen output on high
  • Multiple modes and preset moods/sounds built into the app
  • Speaker, Circadian ryhthm. wake-up feature, Bluetooth® connected

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