winter survival kit

Be Prepared For Winter Travel Emergencies

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Sudden problems can arise when you least expect them during winter travel emergencies. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario should you find yourself stranded in your car during extremely cold conditions.

The ProPac Vehicle Emergency Winter Survival Kit accommodates 2 people! 

It has components to provide you and a passenger the essentials for survival.

First Aid - Nutrition - Comfort Against The Cold

At $33.50, ProPac’s Winter Car Kit is a great price! It’s contents accommodate two people AND shipping is included.

Compare to other winter survival kits with fewer contents at higher prices.

The ProPac Vehicle Emergency Winter Survival Kit contains these items...

  • 1 Cinch Bag
  • 1 First Aid Travel Kit
  • 2 Pairs of knit gloves
  • 2 Knit caps
  • 2 Hand warmers
  • 2 Emergency blankets
  • 2 Water Packets
  • 1 Fortified Food Bars (pack of 6)
  • 2 Ponchos
  • 1 Light stick