Coming Soon: A New Look For Our Website

Tuesday March 29, 2022

Our online store will be getting a facelift in April and the ProPac Team is very excited for you to try it out. We will be adding some new features that will improve the shopping experience for our customers and their organizations including discounted pricing, automated order tracking, more UoM (Units of Measure) options for certain items (Each’s, Boxes and Cases) and much more. We will be providing more updates as we get closer to making the site live, stay tuned!


Discounted Pricing

Customers that sign up for an account are eligible for discounted pricing. On our new site, guests will receive standard MSRP pricing for all items. If they sign up for an account on the site, they are able to get discounted pricing in multiple categories across our store. Discount-Eligible organizations will include State and Local Governments and CERT/MRC teams. If you think your organization may be eligible for discounted pricing, contact us with your account details.


Order History and Quote Generation

Our new site will offer order history and quote generation for customers. You can see your past order history and build quotes for large orders from our catalogue of items. Building a quote will save the items in your account and a ProPac specialist will review it and contact you with next steps.


We are also expanding free shipping to be available on more non-LTL products. Now, if your cart is over $100, you will automatically get free shipping on your order (eligible items only).


UoM Options

On our previous site, ProPac customers were only able to order in specific quantities selected by our team. Our new site will include options to order items in each’s, boxes and cases. This will provide an easier, more transparent ordering process for our customers. 



We hope you’re as excited about the new site as we are. If you haven’t already subscribed to our newsletter, sign up here. We will be sending important information about the new site there.


You can expect our new site to go live in early April, be sure to follow our social media accounts for updates.