Everything You Need to Bug-Out: Emergency Go-Bag Kit

Wednesday April 27, 2022

Our new Emergency Go-Bag kit has everything needed to bug-out quickly. This kit was created for our customers that need an all-encompassing Go-Bag for their car or home. This kit covers every aspect of survival; shelter, warmth, sustenance, first aid, and more.


Tactical Duffle Bag

First, let’s take a closer look at our versatile Tactical Duffle. In addition to being used in this kit, this item is also sold separately on our site. The ProPac Tactical Duffle is a large duffle bag with many different uses. It features hefty buckles and comfortable straps for carrying. The bag can be carried by handles on the top and sides, by a shoulder strap, or you can reveal shoulder straps on the back of the bag to wear it like a backpack. The Tactical Duffle is made of sturdy 900D polyester.




The Emergency Go-Bag Kit contains many crucial items for shelter and comfort. On the exterior of the bag we attached our Self-Inflating Mat. This mat provides a comfortable bed when there are no other options and takes only a couple minutes to fully inflate. This mat, alongside our Emergency Mylar Blanket can be used to form a makeshift tent. Just tie a string horizontally over the mat and drape the Mylar Blanket over the string to form a shelter from the elements.

We also included our Personal Hygiene Kit that includes everything needed to stay fresh. A toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, tissue packet, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, comb, and tablet towel can be found inside the Personal Hygiene Kit.



This kit includes three Mylar Blankets that can have multiple uses, read our blog on Mylar to find out more. Use one as shelter, one to reflect body heat and the other for crafting tools. We also included our popular Winter Warmup Kit that comes with a knit cap, lightweight gloves, tube socks, and hand warmers. This kit provides necessary apparel that can be used as backup items if you get too cold. You can also find waterproof matches for lighting fires in wet conditions.



We included 3 Large Puravai Water Bottles that have a 20-year shelf life. After being used, these bottles can function as refillable water bottles. There are also 3 SOPAKCO MRE Meals. These packets have a shelf life of 5 years.


First Aid

A first aid kit may be one of the most important items in a Go-Bag. Being able to cover and heal wounds is crucial when you’re in a survival situation. Our 312 Piece First Aid Kit contains everything you need including medicines, cleansing wipes, burn cream, bandages, gauze, cold compress, wound closures, thermometer, a first aid guide book and much more.



Multipurpose tools can be a lifesaver in many different situations. Our Emergency Go-Bag kit contains many useful items for survival purposes. In this kit, you can find a 4-in-1 Spark-Proof Tool for shutting off gas and water pipes, prying open doors and digging through debris. Our Multifunction Knife, Multitool, Adjustable Wrench, Flashlight, Hard Hat, and Safety Glasses are also included in the kit.


Order Today!

If you’re interested in our Emergency Go-Bag Kit, check out the full kit on our NEW website. This kit is one of our most comprehensive kits to date. Also, check out the additional medical kit add-on for more FAK items.