How to Use ProPac's New Website

Friday April 22, 2022

Our new website has launched, meaning you’re probably using it right now! While most of our customers will be able to navigate the new site with ease, some may have questions about new features, changes, etc… We made this guide so you can make an account and get back to preparing.


Creating an Account

The most important part of using our new site is account creation. With our new site, state/local government customers will get discounted prices on items once verified. If you think you may be eligible for discounted pricing, give us a call or email after creating your account and we will review your details.  Once logged in, all pricing shown on your account is unique to you and includes discounts only offered government agencies.



Making an account is easy and simple. Just enter your contact information and hit register.  We will send you an email to verify the address and you’re all set.  Once your account has been created you can view previous orders, save favorite items, make changes to your profile, and more.  If you’re a government customer, please call us following the registration to ensure you have access to the best possible pricing.


News Section

The section you are currently in is our “News” page where we post weekly blogs about tips and trends in the disaster preparedness community. You can also view all previous blogs from the former website here. Stay up to date with our articles by subscribing to our email newsletter.


Product Pages

Our product pages have been simplified to make finding items easier. Our items are split into 4 main categories, Shelter Supplies, Preparedness Supplies, Public Health/PPE, CERT & MRC Supplies. Each of these categories will have subcategories to choose from on the page. If you have trouble finding an item, you can use the search function in the upper right corner of the page. Some larger categories have dropdown menus that expand to show more sub-categories. For example, under Public Health/PPE there is a dropdown for “Medical” items that include sub-categories for Bandages, Gauze, Tapes, Thermometers, and more.


Creating a Quote

Organizations that have previously purchased from us will have the ability to request a quote from the shopping cart. If your account has this privilege, you will see an “add to quote” button on the checkout page next to the checkout button. A ProPac team member will respond promptly.


Free Shipping

We have made our free shipping options more transparent on our new site. If you spend over $150 on your order, you will qualify for free shipping with the code “FREESHIP” at checkout. Please note that some large and heavy items are not eligible for free shipping. If one of these items is in your cart, it would need to be removed to qualify your order for free shipping.


CERT Customers

Members of the National CERT Association are eligible for 5% off CERT items on our site. Use code “NCA5” to apply the discount to your cart.


Other Features

About Us, Our Team, and Careers can be found on our home page. About Us explains the history of ProPac and includes our intro video. Our Team displays the ProPac employees and positions. The Careers page contains a contact form that gets sent to our team.


Website Questions

As this website is brand new, there may be small changes and fixes in the coming weeks. If you have any problems with the new site, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can assist. We want to thank all of our customers in advance for their patience and loyalty to ProPac.