Keep Your Summer Road Trip Safe with These Items

Monday July 25, 2022

It’s the middle of summer, the perfect time for a trip to the beach, lake or maybe the mountains to escape the heat. This year, with all the current problems in the airline industry, it’s likely that more people will elect to drive to their vacation spot. Whatever trip you’re planning for this summer, use our list of items to keep you safe on the road.


Everyone should have an emergency kit in their vehicle, especially when going on a road trip. You never know when you can break down or get stuck in traffic and these items can help keep you comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. 

First Aid KitProPac supplies a wide range of first aid kits. For a vehicle emergency kit, we suggest having at least a 200 Piece Kit like this one. Having all the supplies to patch a wound yourself can be important in remote locations.

Water and FoodHaving water and snacks on a road trip is common, but it’s also important to have long shelf life water and food that can be used in case of emergency.

Blankets and Pillows: Comfort items like blankets and pillows can keep your warm and comfortable in a situation where you have to sleep in your vehicle. We recommend our Polar Fleece Blanket, Mylar Blanket and Inflatable Pillows.

High-Visibility Items: Our Road Safety Kit includes Hi-Vis items to help emergency responders and other travelers see you in dark conditions. Our kit includes a Safety Vest and Reflective Roadside Emergency Triangles.

Tire Pressure Gauge: A tire gauge is also included in our Road Safety Kit.

Tool Kit: It’s very important to know if you have all the tools needed to change your tire on the road. Check your vehicle for a jack, lug wrench and spare tire. Other helpful items can be an adjustable wrench, multi-function tool, and a headlamp. See our “tools” section for more road safety items.


Looking for a complete kit? See our “Preparedness Kits” page for all the kits we supply. For a vehicle, we’d recommend our Road Safety Kit, Vehicle Winter Survival Kit, or our Emergency Go-Bag Kit which is one of our most comprehensive consumer kits available.