Make Sure Your Inflatable Emergency Shelter Lasts A Long Time... Keep It Clean

Tuesday August 10, 2021

Keeping your inflatable emergency shelter clean is not much more difficult than mopping the kitchen floor.  The tools are the same.  The elbow-grease is similar.  Storage of your shelter is the only major difference. 

Tools For Washing and Scrubbing

  • Cleanser Spray Bottles
  • Sponges or Rags
  • Bucket and Mop
  • Brush with Soft Bristles
  • Terry Cloth Towels

Step By Step Cleaning

1.) Place the shelter material on a smooth, level and stable surface that is free of sharp objects. You don't want to notice any scratches on the shelter after it's been cleaned.  To assure better protection, lay down a piece of used fabric if the surface is not smooth.

2.) When choosing a cleaning solution, be cautious.  Choose the proper solvent such as a weak alkaline detergent, so you won't harm the shelter material. Dilute your cleaning solution with water. Do this according to the instructions and pour into the spray bottles. If you use too much soap, the shelter material could be harmed and become dirty very easily and quickly after washing.

3.) Cleaning will be more effective if you use a mop or a soft bristle brush. Mopping can help to reduce the amount of time water and chemicals spend on the cloth surface.  If the cloth is wet for an extended period of time, the dirt will adhere to the material's surface more easily.

4.) Cloth towels will dry the shelter material more quickly and efficiently.  The ideal fabric for absorbing water is a cloth towel. Should cloth towels not be available, a strong paper towel will work as well.  Dry your shelter completely to avoid any mold build-up on the material.

5.) After cleaning, hang the shelter outside or in a well-ventilated place.  Before storage, make sure the material is completely dry.  Store your shelter in a dry place with good ventilation.  Be certain to expose the shelter to natural sunshine on a regular basis.  This will also help to extend its lifespan.

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