Make Sure Your Shelter Has The Right Beds During An Emergency Surge

Wednesday July 14, 2021

Following natural or human-caused disasters, hospitals, emergency aid shelters and healthcare coalitions encounter major problems. Surge planning is an important part of any emergency facility's preparedness and response strategy.  Large numbers of patients (capacity) must be accommodated, as well as specialized patient groups including those with specific injuries or exposures (e.g., pediatrics, burn, and HAZMAT). These resources emphasize the necessary tools and practices for preparing and improving response to a surge event, with an emphasis on capacity for mass casualties.

Additional resources include: Epidemic/Pandemic Flu, Alternative Care Sites, Blood and Blood Products, Coalition Response Operations, Explosives and Mass Shootings, Hospice, Pediatrics, Virtual Medical Care, Crisis Standards of Care and Disaster Ethics.

The overwhelming numbers of COVID-19 patients have caused considerable surge problems in hospitals. Not only did the huge volume of patients prove problematic, but so did the specialization requirements of caring for this many patients with a highly contagious condition that is equally transmissible in the healthcare setting.  Staff and other patients' safety became a top focus, as was screening incoming patients and staff for sickness, minimizing unnecessary anxiety among employees and the public in general. It was vital to coordinate with public health, emergency management and other response assets.


Surge beds have become a critical supply issue.  They are required when additional capacity is necessary at fixed hospitals or when actual temporary cots are required in field hospitals and first aid posts.

This medical bed is designed for usage in disaster shelters, temporary remote portable hospitals and first-aid stations, overflow assisted living homes and other locations where a fully functional bed is required.


• Fully ADA compliant
• Handle weight of up to 750 lbs. for patient and medical equipment
• Heavy Duty fully locking legs ensure no leg collapse
• Locking fold down safety rails
• “Sling Deck” design eliminating pinching skin or pulling hair
• Fully locking head support 
• Multiple head positions with no slip
• Foot elevator with 2 positions
• High density foam mattress
• Water proof/ Fire proof mattress 
• Hypo-allergenic mattress
• Mattress straps to frame to prevent sliding
• Adjustable height for easy wheelchair access
• Medical bed folds to to allow for easy storage
• Soft vinyl foot caps to prevent slip and protect floor area.
• IV pole included

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