National Animal Safety and Protection Month

Monday October 2, 2023

National Animal Safety and Protection Month

October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. The purpose of this month is to teach pet owners the best practices for keeping their animals safe and healthy.

With overall pet health and safety, comes a need to be prepared for not just pet emergencies, but general emergencies that may affect your pet’s wellbeing. It is important to include your pets in your emergency plans so that they remain safe too.

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies

Create an Emergency Plan

When creating your emergency plan, keep your pets in mind. During stressful situations and natural disaster emergencies, your pets will depend on you. Ensure that you are confident in being able to assist them during an emergency. Gather supplies that will assist you in keeping your animals safe. 

Prepare for Evacuation

When evacuating, ensure you have space for your pets and a secure mode of transportation. Keep in mind if pets are allowed where you plan on staying during your evacuation.

Just like you, pets need sustenance, especially during stressful situations. Make sure you have supplies to keep them fed and hydrated for the duration of the trip and stay.

If you can’t find a place that accommodates you and your pet, finding a shelter specifically for animals during evacuations is an option. With this comes an opportunity to leave your pet with all they need while you cannot be by their side. An animal shelter kit is perfect for ensuring your pet has all they need.

Own an Animal First Aid Kit

First aid kits don’t only assist humans during emergencies, they are great to have for pets too! Create your own or purchase an animal first aid kit. Whether you need a portable pouch or one to keep with you at all times, ProPac has options.

Gather Reliable Information

Another thing to keep in mind is if pets are allowed where you plan on staying after evacuation.

A credible and reliable resource for you and your pet is your veterinarian! Confiding in and receiving tips from them can ease some of the stress associated with emergency planning.

For more information on pet preparedness, check out how to Prepare Your Pets for Disasters.