National Salvation Army Week

Wednesday May 17, 2023

This year, National Salvation Army Week is May 15th-21st. The Salvation Army serves local communities by turning faith into action.

This organization works to serve and aid those in need around them. Their dedication to people is inspiring, from food banks to donations to rehabilitation and relief. Captain Mike Michels and Captain Cathy Michels have served in The Salvation Army all over the nation as well as in Jamaica. Their service spans far and wide and is deeply appreciated here in Charleston, South Carolina. 

ProPac would like to thank The Salvation Army and our friends Captain Mike Michels and Captain Cathy Michels for the delicious donuts.

Looking back on history, The Salvation Army is known for its kindness, strength, and sweetness. According to PR Newswire, The Salvation Army boosted morale during WW1 with the help of donuts. While in France in 1917, The Salvation Army volunteers working on the front lines delivered donuts to those in need of a pick-me-up during the war. Since then, the sweet treat has remained a staple in American culture, symbolizing a form of comfort.

If you are interested in joining The Salvation Army, check out your local organization to learn more.

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