New Additions to our Trailer Lineup

Tuesday November 15, 2022


Our trailer lineup is expanding to include new models and designs from Diamond Specialty Vehicles. We have added office, bunkhouse, restroom/shower, and laundry trailers to our offering, see the full information pages here.


Here’s a breakdown of each model we’re adding:


Office Trailer

The new office trailer is designed to be a mobile workplace that can be operated almost anywhere. The trailer is available in 20-, 23-, 24-, and 37-foot lengths. These units are fully equipped with industry-leading technology such as single-sheet fiberglass that provides a sleek look without any panel lines or visible screws. Microwaves, refrigerators, TVs, sofas, filing cabinets, and rubberized floors are all available options for our office trailers.



Bunkhouse Trailer

The bunkhouse trailer provides a safe, private place to sleep for up to 16 people. Each separate room has its own climate controls for peak comfortability. A shelf and desk are also included in each unit for storage and workspace.


Restroom/Shower Trailer



Restroom and Shower Trailers from Diamond Specialty Vehicles can be customized however you'd like. In these trailers, you'll find high-quality sanitation solutions that look modern and sleek. The interiors are designed to be cleaned quickly and include solid PVC trim and seamless fiberglass walls. We also offer some of the market's largest freshwater and wastewater tanks. Whether you need restroom/shower trailers for the dusty oil fields, a concert, a country club, or something in between, ProPac Trailers are designed with your needs in mind, all built to provide the ultimate experience in restroom and sanitation environments.



Laundry Trailer



In the new laundry trailers, you'll find high-quality washers and dryers that can clean and dry clothes in any location. The units feature on-demand water heaters, refined sinks and countertops, and sleek flooring/walls. These trailers are custom, durable, and dependable.



How to Order a ProPac Trailer

Depending on where you are in the research/buying process, our sales experts can guide you in your purchase and help you find exactly the build that fits your needs. For preliminary research, you can view our trailers page online. Once you’re familiarized yourself with our offering, fill out a quote request form, or give us a call (800-345-3036) during normal business hours. From there, our trailer experts will assist you with the purchasing process.