Tuesday January 31, 2023

Introducing ProPac Pro Series 2 CERT Kits — We are excited to announce 4 new additions to our CERT Pro Kit lineup. The Pro 5, Pro 6, Pro 7, and Pro 8. These new kits feature enhanced backpacks with added features such as a hook and loop place for interchangeable patches, extra padding for comfort, a water bottle holder, and complete MOLLE system to hold even more attachments. In addition to the upgraded bags, the kits also include new items like the CERT Mini Kit, Cool Down Kit, ProPac First Aid Kit, and our new flat duct tape to ensure that you have everything you need in case of an emergency. These kits are designed to meet the needs of professional first responders, making them the perfect choice for emergency preparedness. Take a closer look at these kits below:


CERT Kit Pro 5


The Pro 5 is the simplest kit of the new lineup, leaving lots of room in the bag to add your supplies. The kit includes only the most important CERT items; a new and improved field backpack, a hard hat, leather work gloves, safety goggles, 3-ply face masks (10 pack), face shield, safety vest with CERT logo, flashlight with batteries, and a CERT Patch with hook and loop backing that can be easily attached and removed from the bag.


CERT Pro 6

The Pro 6 Kit has the same core items that the Pro 5 has but adds on a few more. In addition to the Pro 5 items, this kit also has a CERT Mini Kit, CERT Key Chain, carabiner, water bottle holder, adjustable crescent wrench, flat duct tape, waterproof pouch (5” x 7”), and the ProPac First Aid Kit (60 pieces).


CERT Pro 7

The CERT Pro 7 includes the larger, Tactical Backpack with more room and pockets. In addition to the items in the Pro 6 kit, the Pro 7 also has a four-in-one spark proof tool, 60 yard duct tape roll, multifunction tool, waterproof pouch (10.5” x 14”), safety glasses, and a water storage bag.


CERT Pro 8

The CERT Pro 8 Kit is the new holy grail of CERT Kits, it includes everything you could possibly need and more. On top of ALL the previously mentioned items, this kit includes a CERT water bottle, 5-in-1 survival whistle, 50 feet of paracord, rain poncho (10 mil), cable ties, pry bar, felt tip marker, golf pencil, weatherproof pocket notebook, ProPac Cool Down Kit, bug-x towelettes, 4-in-1 flashlight radio, 202 pc. first aid kit, and an all-weather field operating guide.