New Product: Apogee Adapt-X Folding Flatbed Trailer

Thursday November 3, 2022

We just received our show model of the Apogee Adapt-X Folding Flatbed Trailer and wanted to share it with you. We recently became a supplier of these compact and versatile trailers that can serve a variety of purposes. Here’s what Apogee says about their Adapt-X Trailer:


Founded on the values of Commitment, Quality and Service, Apogee manufactures unique high-quality aluminum trailers in North America.

The Adapt-X™ trailer is a superior patented product which combine not only the benefits of a conventional trailer with aesthetics, lightness, and durability of aluminum, but also the incredible advantage of being foldable and easy to store in a small space.

Apogee aims to develop the best products on the market and keeps innovating to better meet the needs of its customers. (About Us – Apogee Site)



These trailers are shipped on pallets and arrive almost fully assembled. The only parts that need to be assembled to the frame are the tow bar and the pins that hold the folding parts in place once unfolded.



Our teams’ initial impressions of the Adapt-X Trailer were very positive. They were surprised by the small footprint when folded, sturdy construction, and ease of use. See this unboxing video on our Facebook to get a better idea of how the trailer is delivered.


Once unboxed, the trailer can be set up easily by attaching the tow bar and unfolding the front bed and back bed pieces. The Adapt-X comes with tires and ramp already assembled and attached. You can then tilt the bed back to load items onto the ramp, secure them, and re-attach the front bed lock. Once this is done the trailer is ready to be towed.



Apogee provides over 18 different additional accessories that customize your trailer to your needs:


·      Storage Cover: Black storage cover with Apogee logo, to be used when the Optimax is folded. UV-Resistant fabric.

·      Galvanized Spare Wheel with Cover

·      Aluminum Wheel Upgrade

·      Grated Cover: Bi-fold ramp upgraded with aluminum mesh welded on the ramp structure.

·      Lateral Transport Wheel Kit: Removable aluminum structure and jack wheels used to move the trailer sideways, thus fitting through gates or tight spaces (>40 inches).

·      High Side Kit: Removable full aluminum add-on sides and front panel which heighten the Adapt-X sides by 12''. Fit in the 4 corner posts of the trailer.

·      Front Toggling Panel: Aluminum front panel which can toggle to become horizontal, thus providing an extra length of 12''. The panel is maintained horizontal by 2 wires with 1000 lbs of weight capacity.

·      Canoe Rack: Removable aluminum rack which fits in the corner posts of the Adapt-X. Used to haul canoes, kayaks, and other light boats. Max weight capacity: 220 lbs. Its height (54 inches) allows for ATVs to fit under.

·      Front Deflector: Removable 3-feet high aluminum deflector used to protect the trailer load (motorcycles, snowmobiles) during the haul. Fits in the 4 corner posts of the trailer.

·      Bed Liner

·      Floor Tie Down

·      Jack Wheel (1000 lbs)


View a full list of available options on Apogees Website.


The information page and quote request form for these trailers and all other trailers can be found on our website. If you’re interested in a custom build, give us a call today and we can begin the process. Stay tuned for future updates on the Apogee Adapt-X coming soon.