Our Backpacks vs the Competitors

Tuesday August 23, 2022

Here at ProPac, we hear lots of stories about customers who ordered from a competitor and were dissatisfied with the quality of the product. They were allured by low prices without considering the quality of the product. In this piece, we’ll be discussing one type of product specifically, backpacks. Use this as a guide on what to look for in a high-quality, long-lasting backpack.


In this guide, we will be comparing one of our most popular backpack models (D2012) to an unnamed competitors. It’s important to keep in mind that, while our bag is more expensive, it will last much longer than a lesser-quality bag and is much more comfortable to use.



You can tell the competitors bag is much thinner and more flimsy than ours just by looking at it. Our bag is 600D which means the fiber used is high-quality. The 'D' in 600D refers to denier, which is a unit of measure that indicates the fiber weight and thickness. Generally, higher numbers mean heavier, thicker yarns are used in the material's construction.



Zippers are the only thing holding your valuables in your backpack. If the zipper fails, it can be a real pain to get it fixed. The zippers on our bags have fabric pull tabs with metal teeth for ease of use, the competitions bag doesn’t have pull tabs and just uses standard metal zippers with plastic teeth. The competitor’s zippers are more prone to get snagged and broken due to cost-cutting in the build quality.



Stitches on a backpack are used to hold all the separate pieces of fabric together that form the backpack. Our competitor’s backpack is only single stitched and held together on the inside with cheap plastic binding. You can see loose strings still in the bottom of the bag.


Our backpack uses nylon binding and is double stitched to increase rigidity.



Comfort Features

Having a comfortable backpack can make a huge difference, especially when you’re in the line of work our customers are in. Carrying our competitors backpack for any amount of time would definitely be uncomfortable. The shoulder straps are very thin and the carrying handle isn’t padded at all. Our backpack has curved “S” shaped shoulder straps that are wide and padded. It also features a padded carrying handle.



Accessories on a bag are features that can improve your experience using the product. Our bag includes a rubber headphones hole so headphones can be wired to a device inside your backpack. We also include a large reflective strip on the back that increases visibility.

Tips for Ordering Quality Products

When ordering for a team, ask your members what features they would like in a bag. Confirm with the company that the materials and quality are in-line with the spec you need. Many of the aforementioned specs can be found in a products online description but sometimes you may need to contact the seller to confirm. Before placing your full order, you can also order a single bag to get a firsthand look at the quality.

Looking for high-quality backpacks for your team? Look no further! ProPac can help guide you through the ordering process and we can even customize the bags with your teams logo.