Partnership Spotlight: Disabilities Board of Charleston

Thursday October 21, 2021

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and we are celebrating one of our long-time partners, the Disabilities Board of Charleston County in South Carolina. National Disability Employment Awareness Month, or “NDEAM” is held to “commemorate the many and varied contributions of people with disabilities to America’s workplaces and economy” (US Dept. of Labor).

For over 20 years ProPac has partnered with the Disabilities Board of Charleston County (DBCC) to provide job experience and training for disabled persons in the local community. The DBCC mission is “to assist people with disabilities in meeting their needs, pursuing their dreams and achieving their goals, and to minimize the occurrence and reduce the severity of disabilities through prevention” (DBCC). They provide employment to disabled people, offer early intervention, service coordination, childcare and residential support. Today about 450 people work for the DBCC.

One of the first large projects that ProPac handled in 1993 was aided by the DBCC. They helped us put together 50,000 Disaster Preparedness Kits for Miami, FL which led to the wide array of other emergency kits that ProPac still offers today. We are extremely grateful for the DBCC and the services they provide to us and the local community.

If you would like join us in supporting the DBCC mission or get involved locally, please visit their website at