ProPac Trailers vs the Other Guys

Thursday March 17, 2022

Throughout the years of supplying trailers to the disaster preparedness community, we often get asked what makes our trailers different from our competitors. While other companies may offer a cheaper product, we source the most durable and long-lasting trailers you can get. We pride ourselves in building a trailer that your organization can use for years. Our trailers always exceed our customers’ expectations, and the competition pales in comparison.


Many trailers on the market today come with walls and floors made of unfinished plywood. This plywood doesn’t last as long as the alpha rubber tread plate flooring we use and doesn’t provide the grip that our customers need. Nobody wants a slippery trailer floor during an emergency response event.

Alpha Rubber Tread Plate flooring is a durable, rubber-based material that is uniquely weather resistant and anti-slip. This flooring is designed to be easy to clean and strong enough to store heavy equipment. Plywood flooring can be prone to warping and mold in some climates and will need to be replaced more often than Alpha Rubber Tread Plate flooring.

Rear Ramp Doors

Rear Ramp Doors are crucial for Point of Distribution missions and for the loading of large or heavy equipment. ProPac trailers come equipped with hinge gap covers and transition flaps to eliminate the tripping hazard these gaps create and to make an even surface to load heavy items on wheels.

Rear Ramp Door Comparison

In this example, the competitor’s trailer doesn’t include a hinge gap cover and the transition flap is made of plywood. All ProPac trailers include a hinge gap cover and transition flap for ease of loading and unloading.


While wheels may not be the most important feature, our customers still want their trailers to look presentable. Take a look at the comparison below and decide which wheels you'd want on your trailer:

Wheel Comparison


Our trailers feature scene lights, loading lights, and interior lights on every side. The curb-side of our trailers usually feature 24 inch LED scene lights. We also outfit the rear ramp with LED rear loading lights. The competitions trailer doesn't have any LED lights, as pictured you can see that there are only small red lights on the top of the ramp. These lights are for visibility on the road and would make this trailer difficult to load/unload at night without an external light.

Lighting Comparison


The interior of our trailers are modern and sturdy. Interiors vary greatly based on the customers needs but they are always built with the same high-quality materials exactly to customers specifications. Some customers just need cargo space, so we maximize the interior space and add E-Track mounting rails to easily strap large items to the walls and floors. Some customers may need a comfortable interior workspace for multiple people, so we add extra power receptacles, a bathroom, and extra desk space to accommodate their needs. Our experts have built hundreds of custom, mission-specific emergency response trailers. Our complete trailer package typically includes electrical power and lighting, HVAC, supplies and exterior graphics. Equipment often includes an on-board generator, shelving and a cargo strapping system. Take a look below to compare our trailer interiors to a basic plywood interior.

Choose ProPac

After seeing the difference between our build quality and other brands, which would you pick? Would you go the cheaper route and risk having to replace parts/damage equipment? Or would you rather pay a little more, for a lot more quality?

If you're interested in talking to one of our specialists, give us a call at 800-345-3036. To see more trailer content, check out our Trailers Page or watch the video below.