Safe + Sound Week

Wednesday August 9, 2023

Safe + Sound Week


August 7-13 is Safe + Sound Week. This week is hosted by the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


As a call to action, this nationwide event brings attention to safety in the workplace. To make work safer, it takes a village. By learning and practicing safety techniques, fewer injuries occur, and workplace morale is boosted.


Here are a few ways to improve safety in the workplace.


1.     Develop a Safety Program

Setting specific guidelines and expectations helps workers better understand safety boundaries. Having a plan in writing is an effective tool for instilling work safety practices.

2.     Identify Hazards

Pointing out the main safety hazards and risks can help eliminate potential accidents. Conducting safety assessments and safety inspections is a dependable way to implement safety.

3.     Utilize Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Providing protective equipment for employees like gloves, goggles, masks, and helmets is a vital safety practice.

4.     Train and Educate

Teaching and training employees about types of work tools and how to properly use them can alleviate the stress that comes with starting a new job. When stress levels decrease, people think more clearly, hopefully leading to fewer accidents.

5.     Cultivate a Safety Culture

Promoting the importance of safety in a work environment can lead to fewer accidents and an overall positive work atmosphere. Educating employees and setting clear expectations allows for more efficient workflow, and therefore fewer slip-ups. Cultivating a safety culture can be effectively done through incentivizing. When employees are given a goal, perhaps with a prize in mind, they are more likely to stay reminded of the stakes.


Take some time this week to review safety protocols, engage in safety training, and participate in activities highlighting safety in the workplace. From workshops to sessions to assessments, devote resources to improving work safety.