Stop the Bleed®

Tuesday May 30, 2023

ProPac Learns to Stop the Bleed®

Blood loss is a leading cause of death in the United States. Learning how to control and stop blood from exiting the body is vital in preventing death after an accident. 

On Tuesday, May 23rd, ProPac’s employees participated in a Stop the Bleed® course hosted by the South Carolina DHEC Public Health Reserve Corps.

This course taught our workers how to stop excessive blood loss after an accident.

Learning the ABC rule gave our workers a solid basis for understanding the steps in stopping blood flow from a bodily wound.


A-Alert Emergency Personnel: Call 9-1-1

B-Bleeding: Find the source of the bleeding

C-Compress: Apply pressure to stop the bleeding

After practicing tourniquet application on one another, ProPac employees practiced compressions and wound stuffing.

Learning and applying these techniques allowed our staff to better understand the steps to take in case of excessive blood loss.

ProPac’s First Aid Bleed Stop Kit includes brand-name medical items to control serious bleeding and prevent further blood loss.

Learn how to take a Stop the Bleed® class and the importance of the course.