The Importance of Stop the Bleed

Wednesday August 30, 2023

The Importance of Stop the Bleed: Empowering Bystanders to Save Lives


In emergencies, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Accidental injuries, mass casualties, and violent incidents are an unfortunate reality. When severe bleeding occurs, quick action is essential to preventing fatalities.


The Stop the Bleed initiative is vital in empowering bystanders to become immediate responders and play a pivotal role in saving lives.


What is Stop the Bleed?


Stop the Bleed is a nationwide campaign that works to educate individuals on controlling bleeding in emergencies. Created in response to mass casualty events and the increasing need for effective first aid, the initiative equips ordinary people with the knowledge and skills needed to provide immediate assistance before professional medical help arrives.


The Importance of Rapid Response


Severe bleeding is a leading cause of preventable death in trauma situations. First responders and medical personnel may not always be immediately available, highlighting the crucial role bystanders can play in saving lives during those critical minutes.


Stop the Bleed Steps


1. Call 911: Make the call to emergency responders. Give them all the vital information about the situation so that they can make their way to you to help.


2. Apply Pressure: Applying pressure to the wound is a fundamental technique in controlling bleeding. Bystanders can apply pressure using their hands or with available materials, like clothing or bandages.


3. Pack the Wound and Press: If available, pack the wound with gauze. If you have no gauze close by, clean cloth is the next best material. Once the wound is packed, apply pressure again with as much strength as possible.


4. Apply the Tourniquet: In cases of extreme bleeding, applying a tourniquet is necessary. Stop the Bleed courses walk through each step to ensure participants understand expectations. These courses also allow participants to apply tourniquets for practice so that they have a clear understanding of the application.


According to the Journal of Special Ops Medicine, the Combat Application Tourniquets are a top performer compared to other types of tourniquets (Samutsakorn DK and Carius BM, 23(2). 36-39).


Our Bleed Stop Kits include the CAT tourniquets essential for stopping excessive bleeding. Be prepared by keeping these items in stock in case of emergencies.


The Stop the Bleed initiative is a good example of the potential for collective action in times of crisis. By educating and empowering bystanders, this course turns everyday individuals into people capable of making a life-saving difference.


As we navigate an unpredictable world, the power to save lives rests not only in the hands of medical professionals but also in the hands of those who choose to learn and act.


Learn how to take a Stop the Bleed class and the importance of being prepared.