Trailer Types and Essential Terms

Tuesday April 25, 2023

Trailer Types and Essential Terms

ProPac’s wide array of trailers are meant to fit your specific needs. With the ability to customize your trailer, we work to provide the best product for you. 

Disasters can occur with little to no notice, causing immediate emergencies. With lives at risk, being able to mobilize equipment safely and efficiently can make the difference in quickly assisting those in need.


ProPac trailers can come fully outfitted with any of our preparedness products. From sheltering supplies for you or your pet to decon equipment and medical surge materials, our trailers are customizable so that your needs are met.


Types of trailers:


Shelter Support


Mass Casualty

Mobile Command

DUI/Crime Scene


Standard Cargo

Pet Support

Folding Flatbed Trailer






Features to know:

Axles: a rod in which the wheel(s) rotate, in relation to trailers axles transfer the weight of the trailer to the wheels.

Hitches: the connecting part between the trailer and the vehicle towing it.

Gooseneck: a type of hitch that has a long, goose-like neck.

Ball mount: a removable part that connects the trailer to the back of the vehicle via shaft, held in place with a pin and clip.

Awnings: an extended covering used as protection and shade that typically expands from the side of the trailer.

Generators: a device used to convert mechanical power into electrical power.

Hand cranks: a rotating, armlike tool used to pedal, moving trailer stabilizers up and down.


Important terms:

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: this measurement defines the maximum weight the tow vehicle can store; this can include the passengers as well as items.

Gross Combined Weight Rating: this measurement combines the gross vehicle weight rating with the trailer weight, defining the maximum weight of items, passengers, and the trailer.

Gross Axle Weight Rating: this measurement notes the range and weight capacity of the axle system.

Gross Trailer Weight: this measurement includes the weight of the trailer, items in the trailer, vehicle, items, and passengers in the vehicle.

Tongue weights: this is the measurement of the fixed force exerted onto the hitch ball, ensuring a safe weight exists allows for a safe journey.



How to Order a ProPac Trailer

Whether you are in the research or purchasing process, our sales experts are here to help you find the exact product to fit your needs. To see our current trailer types in depth, you can view our trailers page. After you’ve gotten an idea of what you’re looking for, fill out a quote request form, or give us a call at (800)-345-3036 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.