Our inflatable tents are designed to greatly reduce the time and personnel required to deploy. With a full setup time of less than 90 minutes, you can be ready for operations in less time than most pole-frame tents. Lightweight, easily mobilized, and interchangeable, this system's side doors allow for connection to our other rapid deployment tents.  Our expansive drive-thru tent fits up to six vehicles, allowing for efficient point-of-distribution processes. Our line of tents comes fully stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment needed for immediate deployment.  Replaceable floors and interior walls allow for changes if needed due to damage or excess wear and tear.  Interior hook and loop systems allow for the addition of numerous accessories in the event they are needed.   Feel free to call or request more information on why our inflatable tents are becoming the "go-to" choice for first responders across the country.


  • 1320 Square Feet
  • 40’L x 33’W x 15.5’H
  • Inflation Time: 40-60 min. using 4 inflators; 30-40 min. using 8 inflators
  • 5-8-person deployment
  • Weight: 1300 lbs
  • CPAI-84/CSFM Compliant
  • RF Welded seams in support tubes for superior strength - no glues
  • Door Size: 76”W x 84”H (2 Side Doors)
  • Drive-Thru Opening Door Size: 86"W x 96"H (8 Drive-Thru Doors)
  • Double hook & loop interlock system on all exterior doors for connection and rain protection
  • Custom logo entry/exit signs (4)
  • Strapped flooring for stability
  • 16 - 1200 lb. ground tie downs
  • 8 - 1200 lb. elevated tie downs
  • 8 - 1200W 110V Inflator/deflator pumps
  • 1200W Automatic pressure inflation monitoring device
  • 2 - 3000W Power Bank for remote inflation and deflation
  • UL Rated 7500 Lumen LED String light system (4) with remote dimmer included
  • 4 Air Banks on all corners with ID plaque and instructional QR code
  • 2 Inflate/deflate valves with push-to-twist lock per air bank
  • 1 Overpressure valve per air bank
  • Reusable corrugated sleeve pallet box for long-term storage

    Tie Down Straps (8), Metal Stakes (24), Sledge Hammers (2), 3-Step Ladder (2), 50 Gal Rolling Chests (2), 4-Wheel Powered Tent Cart (24), 50’ Extension Cords (2), Hook & Loop Sleeves (50), Hook & Loop D-Rings (10), Anchor Plates (8), Patch Kit

    CPAI-84/CSFM Compliant
    D-Ring Pull Test Certificate