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The ProPac Disaster Supplies Bucket Kit is an all-encompassing kit of safety items for disaster situations. This kit is prepared for any type of natural disaster including Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and more. The Disaster Bucket Kit can be stored in your home or vehicle and is designed to support up to 4 people. 


  • Whistle, Pea With Lanyard 4x 
  • Knife, Multifunction 4x
  • Blanket, Emergency - Mylar 4x
  • Light Stick, Wrapped 4x
  • Food/Energy Bar 400 Cal 8x
  • Water Packet 4oz 8x
  • Matches, Waterproof 4x
  • Ready Towel 11 X 16 2x
  • Toothbrush, Tb 30 Tuft 2x
  • Toothpaste .6oz 2x
  • Deodorant .5oz Stick 2x 
  • Comb 7" 2x
  • Shampoo 2 Oz  2x 
  • Shave Gel Pkt (.25oz)7.5ml 4x 
  • Soap 1.5oz Wrapped  2x 
  • Tissue Packet, Generic 2x 
  • Razor, Double Blade 2x 
  • First Aid Kit, 36 Pieces 1x 
  • Bathroom Tissue, 500 Sheets 1x 
  • Dynamo 4-In-1 Flashlight Radio 1x 
  • 2.5 Water Jug w/Spigot 1x 
  • Poncho 2x
  • Duct Tape 10yd 1x 
  • Work Gloves, pair 2x 
  • 3-Ply Surgical Mask ASTM Level 2 4x 
  • Pry Bar 1x 
  • 13 Gallon Kitchen Trash Bag 1x 
  • Drop Cloth Plastic Sheeting 9x12 1mil 1x 
  • Multifunction Tool 1x
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