Emergency first aid, hygiene, germ protection, auto safety and more are included in stand-up pouch and tube kits designed for ease of use during emergency situations.  Whether traveling on the highway, hiking or managing emergency humanitarian aid shelters, ProPac pouch and tube kits provide everyday necessities, particularly in times of emergency.  Also included are Winter Warm-Up and Summer Cool-Down Kits for weather related emergency situations and pet first aid kits when disaster results in animal injury.

All pouch and tube kits are easy to carry in your suitcase, purse, glove compartment or backpack.  Order bulk quantities to supply your company, emergency shelter or to outfit a scout troop or classroom field trip.  You can also customize the kit label with your organization’s logo.

Convenient emergency personal care pouch and tube kits make it important to, “Know us before you need us!”

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