Shelter Supplies for Disaster Relief or the Homeless

ProPac has cots, blankets, personal hygiene and survival supplies needed to equip a disaster relief shelter or homeless shelter. Our 56,000 square foot facility has disaster shelter supplies in stock ready to ship.

Cots and Cot Storage Kits

We offer special needs cots, military spec cots and bariatric cots. ProPac sells custom designed 25 Person Shelter Cart Kits in rolling storage carts which include cots, pillows, blankets, hygiene supplies plus first aid kit, lantern and radio to serve 25 persons.

ADA Compliant Shelter Supplies

ProPac features ADA compliant shelter equipment, including cots and wheelchairs.

Emergency Trailers for Shelter Support

ProPac configures and delivers custom shelter support trailers complete with disaster relief supplies.

Inflatable Structures Provide Sheltering

CEMG Inflatable Structures provide temporary emergency shelter space that can be deployed in minutes. Inflatable shelters from ProPac can be outfitted with LED lighting, partitions and HVAC.

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