Coast H7 Head Light with VLT


Coast H7 LED Head Light features variable power and adjustment from wide flood to focused spot beam

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Coast LED Lenser lights are the most advanced LED lights available today. LED Lenser technology combines the highest quality LEDs with patented advanced lens and optic systems to produce beams that are brighter than other LED lights and can be adapted to specific uses.

The Coast LED Lenser H7 Headlamp is the only emergency headlamp available with both adjustable focus and light dimming function.

Advanced focus system and speed focus allow users to adjust the light beam from a broad flood beam to a focused spot beam depending on the situation. The H7’s 140 Lumens of light can be adjusted from a wide flood beam to a focused spot beam, with an effective range of over 500-Feet, with no dark and hot spots typically associated with focusing flashlights and Headlamps.

Variable light output technology (VLT) enables the user to adjust the light output to suit the task, with a constant transition from maximum output to minimum output.

The H7 emergency headlamp will run for 84 hours on one set of AAA alkaline batteries.

Coast LED Headlamp Features and Specifications

  • Hinged attachment to position beam
  • Variable light output technology (VLT – dimming function)
  • Advanced focus system (focusing beam)
  • High intensity white LED
  • Front switch and adjustable straps
  • Max Lumens:140.2
  • Max Watts: 2.9
  • Battery: AAA x 3 (included)
  • Working Battery Life: 84 hours
  • Sheath Included


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