Med Sled, 48″ Bariatric Evacuation Sled

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The Med Sled® Evacuation Sled Bariatric Model enables employees to transport a larger patient in an emergency situation or just as a precautionary measure after an accident or illness. With a base that is 12″ larger than the standard model, you can ensure the safe transport of any patient.


Med Sled® 48″ Bariatric Evacuation Sled

The Med Sled® 48″ Bariatric Evacuation Sled is the leader in patient transport in any situation from an emergency to general transport. From removing the deceased, to ensuring a safe transport, the sled provides a cost effective way to get a body from one area to another. In an emergency, there is no time to be hassled with a complicated product and the Med Sled® Evacuation Sled is easy to use, making it an ideal tool for disaster scenarios. The Med Sled® Evacuation Sled Bariatric Model is 12 inches wider than the Standard Model and while it has that extra padding and space, it also maintains the stiff backboard feel to ensure the patient doesn’t move during transport.

You don’t to be strong or in perfect health to help others, even if they are a larger person. In fact, the average person can move another person 2-3 times their own weight in four simple steps using the Med Sled® Evacuation Sled.

  • Designed for bariatric transport (>300 lbs)
  • Patented Perimeter Tether Design provides stabilization
  • Specially designed stairwell braking system
  • Uses roll and drag method
  • Rated to hold 1,000 lbs
  • T-strap at foot endprovides extra support
  • Sled curves slightly up and around deceased for added protection
  • Decon capable


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