Puravai Emergency Drinking Water

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Clean Water Is the Number One Need In
Any Emergency Preparedness Plan

One Liter Bottles

6-Bottle Case Item W1007 ……………………. $24.95

132-Case Pallet Item W1007-PAL …………….. $3,293.40


Shipping cost provided based on specific order.


Here are just a few of the tremendous reasons to choose Puravai Emergency Drinking Water with Long Term Shelf Life:

  • Store up to 20 years.
  • Each Puravai Emergency Drinking Water bottle is triple-sealed for safety and purity. No new bacteria gets in, no fluid escapes.
  • Made in the USA
  • Pre-filtered and U.S. Lab CERTIFIED 100% bacteria-free.
  • There is no bacteria, virus, heavy metal, toxin or chemical present, making it pure and healthy.
  • The container is made of the same material the U.S. Military uses to make their canteens. This also means it can stand heat, it is BPA-free, does not break down and is food grade.
  • No need to rotate every few months
  • Once you drink the water, you have a valuable environmentally friendly, refillable canteen instead of a piece of valueless trash.
  • No bung wrenches, siphons or preservatives necessary as with large containers
  • Each 1 liter bottle is enough water for one day for one person in an emergency
  • Because it’s pre-measured, it is easy to gauge how much to use to reconstitute foods or to add to food storage dehydrated mixes
  • Equally good for infants and small children as well as adults and those with health challenges
  • Sturdy stackable boxes. Can stack high in a small space
  • Excellent for first aid—even for open wounds
  • Because it is ultra pure, it rehydrates at the cellular level
  • No need to rotate or to add anti-bacterial chemicals to keep it safe and drinkable
  • pH balanced