Quick Relief Wound Seal


Quick Relief Wound-Seal stops bleeding instantly.

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Quick Relief Wound Seal (QR Powder) stops bleeding instantly.

Quick Relief Wound Seal (QR Powder) stops bleeding instantly by combining with blood to form a flexible scab that may protect against infection and contamination and allows the body’s own mechanism to begin healing. To apply Quick Release Wound Seal Powder, just clean the wound, apply as the wound begins to bleed again, completely cover the wound and tap and press for 30 seconds to form the scab. VERY SIMPLE! For fingertips you may want to wrap with gauze for added protection. Quick Release Wound Seal Powder Bandage products are ideal for occupational workplaces, sports and other applications that require fast treatment of cuts, lacerations, nosebleeds and other external bleeding wounds.

  • Quick relief wound seal is a topical powder that forms a flexible scab.
  • Stops bleeding without relying on the body’s natural clotting process and does not cauterize or burn the skin.
  • It is not biologically derived and is non-toxic.
  • Includes 2 applications

AEL Part Number: 09MS-04


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