Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit

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Sold in a case of three kits.

The Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit utilizes the high efficiency P100 particulate filter. Provides 18 months of highly effective protection.


The Pandemic Flu Kit is comprised of a NIOSH approved SR 100 half mask, SR 510 P100 particulate filter and 80 SR 221 pre-filters. This combination of half mask, particulate filter and prefilter is NIOSH approved (Approval Number TC-84A-2664).

Main features:

  • High-efficiency P100 particle filter. Each filter tested for 99.997% absorption capacity for very small particles such as bacteria and viruses
  • A single respirator and filter can be disinfected and reused over and over again (tested to withstand the equivalent of 4 disinfections a day for 18 months)
  • Very simple disinfection procedure uses inexpensive alcohol bath • Unique inhalation and exhalation valve design provides one-half the breathing resistance of competitive respirators. This means easier breathing and greater respirator compliance • Silicon respirator, very comfortable and designed to last for years
  • Non-allergic material
  • Superior face seal means a very high protection factor
  • Pre-filter collects coarse particles thereby extending the life of the P100 filter.
  • NIOSH approved • Easily fit tested and fit checked


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