America’s PrepareAthon! in Spartanburg County

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Spartanburg County, SC to Hold Their First America’s PrepareAthon! Event

Spartanburg OEM

On Wednesday, March 11, members of the Spartanburg County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in Spartanburg, SC will host their first America’s PrepareAthon! event. It will include a series of activities to help prepare the whole community for emergencies before they strike in a coordinated effort with the OEM’s Local Emergency Planning Committee.

Event organizers are planning a county-wide tornado drill at 9 a.m. ET on the day of the event. Educational institutions, reaching 80,000 students from Spartanburg County schools, will participate in the tornado drill. Coinciding with the drill, event organizers will test Code Red, the county’s emergency notification system; conduct a tabletop/functional exercise at the local emergency operations center; and activate the county’s outdoor warning sirens. In addition, Spartanburg Regional Hospital and Mary Black Hospital will conduct tornado drill-based exercises for their respective employees.

One of the main goals of the event is to increase the number of subscribers to Code Red. Of the nearly 300,000 residents in Spartanburg County, approximately 73,000 residential phone numbers and 14,000 businesses phone numbers have already been registered in Code Red.

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