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ProPac Celebrates 32nd Anniversary

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

March 1, 2021, marks the 32nd anniversary of business in the emergency disaster supply and response industry for ProPac, Inc. Founded by Gordon King in 1989, the mission has been to carve out a unique, yet necessary, niche to fulfill needs within the emergency management and response industry. Our customers include FEMA, American Red Cross, US State Department, State and …

Congresswoman Nancy Mace visits ProPac

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace Visits ProPac

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

ProPac is honored to have hosted South Carolina’s First Congressional District Congresswoman, Nancy Mace, for a tour of our facility and a discussion on our position in the Emergency Disaster Preparedness and Supply business.  From assisting Emergency Management agencies, local, state and federal governments with preparedness for natural disasters and their aftermath, to the recent urgency for PPE supplies during …

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Helpful Information for Your Community COVID-19 Vaccination Station

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

• Have an area at the station entrance where staff greet participants and direct them where to go. Staff in this area also might conduct an initial screening (eg, for contraindication to vaccination). • Include a registration/question and answer form completion area consisting of multiple tables and chairs. Healthcare professionals and other staff should be available in this area to …

Samaritan's Purse and ProPac

Preparedness and Planning – Now More Than Ever

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You don’t have to be reminded how devastatingly strange the year 2020 has been.  Every day, we are reminded of the western wildfires, gulf coast hurricanes with their residual tornadoes and floods.  The impact on communities has been immense without measure. In the midst of the chaos and strife from these natural disasters, we have also been hit with a …

Stop The Bleed

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

Learn the steps to STOP THE BLEED during emergency accident and mass casualty situations Call 9-1-1 Call 9-1-1 yourselfOR Tell someone to call 9-1-1 Ensure Your Safety Before you offer any help, you must ensure your own safety! If you become injured, you will not be able to help the victim. Provide care to the injured person if the scene …

Prepare For Summer Storms

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness, Seasonal

Spring showers quickly morph into Summer Storms that range from heavy downfalls to Tornadoes and Hurricanes. Preparation is vital in emergency situations due to these natural disasters. Thunderstorms and Lightning Thunderstorms and lightning is a leading cause of injury and death from weather-related hazards. Although most lightning victims survive, people struck by lightning often report a variety of long-term, debilitating …

Thank You For Your Support!

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness, Seasonal

     March 1, 2019, marks ProPac’s 30th Anniversary of service to the disaster preparedness and response community. Our years in business have given Team ProPac the edge in performance.  Our customers know us for who we are and what we deliver.  FEMA, Red Cross, US State Department, State and Local Governments, Public Health Departments, Cities, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, …

hurricane eye of the storm

Prepare For The 2018 Hurricane Season

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness, Seasonal

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1, 2018, and ends on November 30, 2018.  These dates represent the period each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Atlantic basin and develop into hurricanes.  While the propensity for hurricanes to develop are highest in season, formation of tropical depressions can occur at any time of the year.  …

Tornado Preparedness

Tornado Preparedness Cannot Be Left To Chance

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What Is A Tornado A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm to the ground and is often—although not always—visible as a funnel cloud. Lightning and hail are common in thunderstorms that produce tornadoes. Tornadoes cause extensive damage to structures and disrupt transportation, power, water, gas, communications, and other services in its direct path …