72 Hr Survival Kit

Why do you need 72-hour emergency survival kits and what should they contain?

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

Almost all emergencies strike without warning. That is why you should be prepared ahead of time with items required to survive an emergency. No matter what comes your way, 72-hour emergency survival kits are the smartest way to protect yourself and your family. The Benefits of a 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit It is critical to have basic survival supplies on …

Emergency Flood

National Preparedness Month Continues – Be Prepared To Respond to Flood Emergencies

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

A flood occurs when rivers and streams overflow their banks due to extreme rainfall or a dam or levee failure, causing water to surge onto normally dry land. Floods may result from coastal tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, storm surges, blizzard snow conditions and overflows of dams and other water systems that can develop slowly or quickly.  Flash floods can come …

Disaster Preparedness

September Is National Preparedness Month – Start Your Emergency Disaster Preparation By Making A Plan

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

You may not be able to keep disasters from happening, but you can control how you prepare for them.  Make a Plan With Your Family Make a plan nowIf a disaster happens and your family is separated, it’s crucial to know what kinds of calamities could hit your area.  Know how you’ll reconnect if you are separated.  Create a familiar, …

Inflatable Shelter

Emergency Inflatable Shelters Rapid Deployment – Reduce Time and Personnel Needed To Deploy

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Inflatable shelters are the ideal structure for rapid and easy deployment in an emergency. These prefabricated constructions are frequently utilized as temporary housing and remote incident use in disaster relief during crises including pandemics, viral outbreaks, earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. When emergency conditions arise that necessitate rapid shelter deployment, framed tents can be complicated and difficult to set up, however these inflatable emergency …

Shelter Cots

Be Ready To Set Up Your Emergency Disaster Surge Shelter On A Moment’s Notice

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

Shelters for disaster relief are an important aspect of disaster response and recovery in large-scale emergencies.  These shelters are used to give private and secure living spaces for those who have been forced to leave their customary living arrangements due to an emergency disaster.  Not only do these shelters provide urgent and short-term refuge for disaster victims, but they also …

Emergency Inflatable Shelter

Make Sure Your Inflatable Emergency Shelter Lasts A Long Time… Keep It Clean

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Keeping your inflatable emergency shelter clean is not much more difficult than mopping the kitchen floor.  The tools are the same.  The elbow-grease is similar.  Storage of your shelter is the only major difference.  Tools For Washing and Scrubbing Cleanser Spray Bottles Sponges or Rags Bucket and Mop Brush with Soft Bristles Terry Cloth Towels Step By Step Cleaning 1.) …

School Emergency Preparedness

School Emergency Preparedness Takes A Village

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Every school day, roughly 55 million elementary and secondary school students in public and nonpublic schools entrust our nation’s educators and administrators with providing a safe and healthy learning environment.  Families and communities want schools to protect their children and youth from threats (human-caused emergencies like crime and violence) and natural disasters (catastrophic weather, fire, flood, earthquake and pandemic disease).  …

Emergency Surge Beds

Make Sure Your Shelter Has The Right Beds During An Emergency Surge

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Following natural or human-caused disasters, hospitals, emergency aid shelters and healthcare coalitions encounter major problems. Surge planning is an important part of any emergency facility’s preparedness and response strategy.  Large numbers of patients (capacity) must be accommodated, as well as specialized patient groups including those with specific injuries or exposures (e.g., pediatrics, burn, and HAZMAT). These resources emphasize the necessary …