Emergency Trailers

ProPac Specializes in Emergency Trailers

ProPac experts have built hundreds of custom, mission-specific emergency response trailers. Our complete emergency trailers packages typically include electrical power and lighting, HVAC, supplies and exterior graphics. Equipment often includes an on-board generator, shelving and a cargo strapping system. ProPac emergency trailer specialists will assist you with every step from design through delivery. Please call 1-800-345-3036 or request a quote using our online form.

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ProPac’s Emergency Trailer Services

emergency trailer stockingAfter defining the mission and refining the trailer, it’s time to outfit and stock. We partner with each customer to determine the best location and fit. Our valuable experience in pre-loading, shelving height and location, centerline access, power access, weight balance, and inventory locations warrants potential space and weight issues prior to shipment.
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ProPac’s Emergency Trailer Build Locations