COVID-19 Vaccinations

Helpful Information for Your Community COVID-19 Vaccination Station

Gordon King Disaster Preparedness

• Have an area at the station entrance where staff greet participants and direct them where to go. Staff in this area also might conduct an initial screening (eg, for contraindication to vaccination).

• Include a registration/question and answer form completion area consisting of multiple tables and chairs. Healthcare professionals and other staff should be available in this area to answer questions.

• An open area to queue for those receiving a vaccination. At least some chairs should be available for persons waiting to be vaccinated.

• Vaccination area with tables for supplies and seats for providers and participants. There should be adequate space to place receptacles (for used needles) and waste baskets (for other trash) close to where the vaccinations will be administered.

• A private area where participants who experience acute adverse events after vaccination or who have medical problems can be evaluated and treated.

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