Campus Safety

Wednesday August 23, 2023

Enhancing Campus Safety


Now more than ever, ensuring the safety and security of students and faculty at educational institutions is a priority. Campus safety is crucial to students, faculty, and staff's well-being as well as to fostering a healthy learning environment. From resource officers to security guards to campus officers, instilling safety, and integrity in academic environments is crucial.


General Campus Safety


At the beginning of each semester, faculty should take the time to review this information with students so that they are at least familiar with the drills and practices. This applies to all levels of education ranging from kindergarten to college.


Students are responsible for paying attention during this time as a first step towards safety improvement in the classroom.


Learning evacuation routes and shelter areas on campuses is vital for faculty, students, and staff in case of certain emergencies.


Campus and Resource Officers


Campus and resource officers are typically the bridge between the academic environment and traditional law enforcement.


Campus and resource officers play a crucial role in the safety of campuses. As a resource to students and faculty, officers wear many hats. Their responsibility is vast and far-reaching from community outreach to education to emergency response and conflict resolution.


Working with local officials and departments, they exercise their skills by being a dependable resource for those in need and assistance.


Safety Systems


Installing safety equipment throughout campuses is a dependable resource for students and faculty.


For instance, emergency call boxes have become a “norm” on many high school and college campuses. The purpose of these emergency systems is to allow students a quick resource if they feel unsafe. Especially important when students walk alone, these call booths make getting in contact with safety officers more efficient.


As for cybersecurity, ensuring your campus has strong firewalls and duo-authentication for secure logins is a step in the right direction.

Enhancing campus safety is a multifaceted endeavor that involves the active participation of staff, faculty, students, and campus officers. Each of these entities brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table, contributing to the overall security and well-being of the campus community.


Listed below are important items to keep stocked on campus:


School Safety Kit

School Floor Captain Safety Kit

School Classroom Lockdown Kit

Campus CERT Responder Kit


By working collaboratively and finding a balance between enforcement and support, educational institutions can create an environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth without compromising their safety.