Decontamination Solutions

Tuesday June 28, 2022

Decontamination is the process of removing or neutralizing hazardous materials from an environment, property, or person. Hazardous materials can become very dangerous if not neutralized as quickly as possible. This is why organizations like hospitals, police departments, fire departments and hazmat teams all have decontamination plans in place.

“While it is generally preferable that decontamination be performed as soon as possible at the site of the exposure, history has shown that this does not always occur (Kirk & Deaton 2007). Especially when hazardous substance exposures cause significant illness and/or create large numbers of victims, history has shown that some patients who are contaminated with hazardous substances may present to hospital facilities before being decontaminated. Hospitals therefore must plan for the arrival of potentially contaminated patients following hazardous materials events, be able to limit the extent of collateral exposure from the presentation of a contaminated patient or patients, and be able to safely provide initial triage and care for arriving victims”

ProPac has been working to improve decontamination processes for these organizations for years. We supply multiple different items for decontamination including Decontamination Tents, Kits and even Trailers. We have been the trusted source for decontamination supplies for organizations across the country. 

Decon Tents

Our Decontamination Tents are built to handle any decontamination situation. We currently have two models; a single room decon tent and a 3-lane decon tent for large groups of people. Both models come with interior kits that can be removed and replaced after use. The tents feature sturdy inflatable beams that hold strong even in windy conditions and can be fully inflated in minutes. Both models also have an exterior water intake, air intake and exhaust, air guard, SCBA valve, interior hose lines, inflator/deflator, water disposal pumps and elevated berms to prevent slipping.


3-Lane Decon Tent

The 3-Lane Decontamination Tent provides three separated lanes, each with their own hoses for multiple people at once. The two outer lanes are slightly smaller than the middle and have 6 water nozzles on each side. The center lane is larger with two manual sprayers, for people who may need assistance in the decontamination process. 

Each lane is divided by two partitions, creating three separated “rooms” for each lane. The first room is for “doffing” or removing contaminated clothing and other items on your person. The middle room is for decontaminating, with included water disposal pumps. The final room is for “donning” where patients will replace their clothing with a temporary gown or other covering.

Single Decon Tent

The Single Decon Tent is for use with a smaller amount of people than the 3-Lane but has more spraying nozzles than the rooms in the 3-lane unit. There are 9 nozzles surrounding the interior of the single decon tent. There are two nozzles at different heights in each corner and one nozzle above. 

How to Order a Decon Tent from ProPac

Ordering shelters from us is always quick and easy. First, request a quote on our Inflatable Shelters page. Provide as much information about your organization as you can. Next, one of our knowledgeable staff will contact you with a quote and customizable options for your decontamination tent. If you don’t want to use our website, you can always give us a call at 800-345-3036. We’re available Monday-Friday during business hours and if you call outside of those hours just leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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