Different Floor Types Aid in the Protection of Your Response Trailer

Wednesday June 9, 2021

Response trailers can be dispatched and used in a variety of emergency situations. The flexibility and practicality of trailers lend themselves very well to many diverse task types, including Mass Casualty, Immunization, Mobile Command, Chainsaw/Mudout, and Shelter Support.  Trailers' portability and utility make them ideal for a large variety of different mission sets.  When deciding on the best flooring for the trailer, it's crucial to consider the mission type and how the trailer will be used... 

  • Will Emergency Managers base their operations in the trailer?
  • Is the trailer solely going to be used for storage?
  • Is there an issue with cleanliness or cleanability?
  • Is it possible liquids or chemicals could spill inside the trailer?  
  • Is the trailer going to be blown or swept when cleaned?  
  • What kind of budget do you have?  

All of these are crucial considerations when selecting trailer flooring options.

While there are many flooring options for emergency trailers, rubber coin or tread is a fantastic material for trailer flooring because of its high durability and better slip resistance. Rubber tread plate flooring is a cost-effective approach to protect your investment in trailers, which are meant for long-term use.  Furthermore, these trailer floors may be tailored to meet specific dimensional requirements.

Other flooring materials include linoleum, carpet, plywood and aluminum tread plate. Depending on your trailer use, be it utility, medical or other emergency preparedness purpose, one of these options may suit your needs.


When it comes to trailer flooring, it's important to ensure that you've selected the most suitable choice.   Because these floors have so much work to do, they'll require particular qualities and features to ensure that they're capable of moving your big vehicles, tools and freight.

Here are some flooring features to look for in your trailer...

Toughness: To transport ATVs, motorbikes, rovers and other job tools, your trailer bottom must obviously be a heavy lifter. You'll need a big, tough, long-lasting floor that can withstand a lot of abuse.

Sound Quality: If you prefer quieter floors, linoleum, vinyl or soft PVC tiles may be in order.

Look and Feel: Most trailer flooring alternatives are available in diamond, coin, or smooth patterns, each with its own distinct appearance and finish.

Water Resistant: With all of the spills that are bound to occur in a trailer, water and weather-resistant elements can help maintain your floors are sturdy and strong.

Chemical Resistant: Your trailer flooring may be subjected to a variety of spills. Chemical resistance ensures a pleasant appearance and a long life for your trailer floor.

Slip Resistant: You don't want to risk injury from slips and falls with personnel or patients in your trailer. Improve traction by using slip-resistant flooring.

Low Maintenance: Pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to clean your floor and whether it requires any special cleansers or cleaning techniques.

When it's all said and done, for highest durability and affordability, ProPac recommends the Alpha Rubber Tread Plate Flooring shown below.

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