Mobile Command Trailers

Tuesday January 18, 2022

At ProPac, we get requests for custom trailers all the time. While we do sell the occasional standard cargo trailer, most of our orders involve some level of customization and design. We have sold to every kind of organization imaginable, from Fire and Police departments to non-profits and volunteer groups. Oftentimes, we are asked for “office” trailers or mobile command centers. These trailers are customized to be used on-site in emergency efforts in remote locations. The requirements for these trailers usually include:

  • Multiple workstations with outlets and desk space
  • Restrooms
  • Multiple ingress and egress points
  • Climate Control (Air Conditioning/Heat)
  • Scene Lighting
  • Communication Equipment
  • Food storage (refrigerator/cabinets)
  • Internet Connectivity

Of course, these requirements may vary but these are the most asked for customizations. In our most recent order, we provided a Mobile Command Trailer with many of these features to be used as an EOC (Emergency Operations Center). Here's a breakdown of what features were included in that unit.

Outside Features

The trailer is powered by a 7000 Watt Onan Generator. The generator, spare tire, and fuel jugs are housed in the wedge front of the trailer, separated from the main operations area. The trailer also features an electric tongue jack so it can be quickly attached to a hitch. On the curbside of the trailer, there is one entrance door and a fully electric awning. The side of the trailer is lit by 24-inch LED lights for visibility at night.

Rear Ramp Door

The back of the trailer features a rear ramp door that can be opened and closed by one person. There are also LED lights over the ramp for ease of loading at night. The ramp is lined with alpha rubber tread plate flooring for toughness, slip resistance, and protection. It also has a transition flap and hinge gap cover on the ramp for loading.

Inside Features

On the inside of the trailer there are two long desks that can fit up to 6 workstations with 3 outlets on each side. The entire trailer is lit by LED strips at night and there are multiple windows to let in natural light during the day. It also has a bathroom with a toilet and sink. This specific Mobile Command Trailer features baseboard heaters for operations in cold weather but can also be used in hot weather because it has two roof mounted air conditioners.

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Also be sure to watch the full walkthrough of our Mobile Command Trailer on YouTube:

A walkthrough of our Mobile Command Trailer