School Safety

Wednesday August 16, 2023

School Safety


Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, teachers, and staff is a priority within academic institutions. Combining proactivity and a sense of community can increase the effectiveness of safety policies within schools. Many United States public schools resume this month, keeping school safety at the forefront of many families’ minds. It is important to talk to your children and students about potential dangers and threats that can occur within school walls. Education is the first step in keeping students and faculty safe.


Hazards and Threats


Since attending school from a young age, children have practiced safety drills. From tornado to fire to hurricane to earthquake to intruder drills, students have been practicing safety protocols multiple times a year. It is vital to take these practices seriously as these hazards could very well impact any school.


Not only should the practices occur, but thorough notes should be taken during and after to improve the drills for the future.


Common threats directed at schools include active shooters, bomb threats, criminal threats, and cyberattacks. Preparing for potential threats includes running practice drills, educating faculty and students on best safety practices, providing, and facilitating mental health resources, and stocking up on necessary supplies.


If an emergency occurs that leaves students and faculty trapped in the school, there should be a stockpile of preparedness items easily accessible for all to use. Some items include:


-       Emergency Food

-       Emergency Water

-       First Aid Kits

-       Stop the Bleed

-    School Safety Kit

  Classroom Lockdown Kit

-       PPE Items

-       General Preparedness Supplies


For more information on safety in schools, can help.