Wildfire Preparedness

Tuesday April 5, 2022

Wildfire preparedness season is just around the corner. As summer approaches, the climate gets drier and hotter in many areas, creating a higher chance for wildfires to occur. Preparing yourself is especially important this year as wildfire damage has been increasing over the past few years. In 2021, there were 58,985 wildfires that burned about 7.1 million acres in the U.S. About 2.2 million of those acres burned last year were in California, 800 thousand were in Oregon and 700 thousand acres were burned in Montana. While the damage from wildfires is usually the worst on the West Coast, this doesn’t mean they don’t happen in other regions also. In 2021 for example, 160,000 acres were burned in Texas and Kansas, and 100,000 acres were burned in Florida.

Preparing for wildfires is important because they can spread rapidly and without warning. Use these tips to prepare yourself and other for a wildfire.

Warnings and Alerts

Make sure you have multiple ways to receive alerts, these days your cell phone can be your most important tool for staying up-to-date on weather conditions. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) don’t require you to sign up and are sent automatically. FEMA and the National Weather Service also provide alerts that you can opt-in to on their websites.

In case your cell phone dies or you can’t get service, you should have alternative tools for alerts like an Emergency Weather Alert Radio or Hand Crank Radio Flashlight. These devices can be extremely helpful and should be stored in your emergency bag.

Make a Plan

Create a plan with others in your household (if applicable) for quick evacuation. Know what you need to bring with you and what route you will take for evacuation. You should also have a plan for evacuating from places you frequent like work, school, etc…

FEMA Graphic

Important Documents

Keep copies of important documents you may need to leave behind and store them digitally in a password-protected space. Important documents can include identification, insurance policies and medical information.

Prepare your Home

Use fire-resistant materials whenever possible, including on renovations and repairs. Be sure you have an outdoor water source and a hose that can reach any area of your property. It also may be helpful to create a fire-resistant zone around your home that is free of dried organic material and debris.

Gather Supplies

Use the below list of items to prepare a kit of items that can help you in case of a wildfire.

More Information

Review this page by FEMA for more information on wildfire preparedness and what you can do to protect yourself. If you have anymore questions about ProPac products, give us a call at 800-345-3036.