Emergency Weather Alert Radio


The Midland Emergency Weather Radio can be recharged 3 ways and features LED flashlight, cell phone charger and clock.

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The Midland Emergency Weather Alert Radio can be recharged with dynamo crank, solar panel or USB power source.

The Midland Emergency Weather Alert Radio, E READY Model ER210, is ideal for emergencies! With crank power, flashlight, AM/FM/weather bands and all hazards/weather alert you can feel more secure in any situation. It is easy to get up to date weather information directly from the national weather service, local news updates from AM/FM radio stations and alert override will automatically alert you to impending danger. Use this Midland emergency radio to charge your cell phone. It includes 3 Power Options to recharge: dynamo crank, solar panel or USB.

Midland Emergency Weather Alert Radio E READY Model ER210 Features

  • Digital AM/FM and 7 NOAA/NWS channel weather reception
  • All hazards and NOAA weather alert
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Lithium Ion Battery: Recharge 3 ways: Dynamo crank power, Solar Panel and USB
  • USB charger cord included for the most common cell phones or use your phone’s charger cord
  • Digital Clock
  • LED Flashlight


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