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Gordon King Disaster Preparedness, Seasonal

     March 1, 2019, marks ProPac’s 30th Anniversary of service to the disaster preparedness and response community. Our years in business have given Team ProPac the edge in performance.  Our customers know us for who we are and what we deliver.  FEMA, Red Cross, US State Department, State and Local Governments, Public Health Departments, Cities, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, Community Emergency Response Teams, Medical Reserve Corps, The Salvation Army and many other NGO’s as well as Fortune 500 Companies, Schools and Universities across the nation rely on our expertise and products.
     We have a focused and disciplined approach to fulfilling customer’s needs, thanks to the military experience of our principals.  Team ProPac has hard core “in the field” experience.
     ProPac has earned a solid reputation among emergency managers and first responders for quality products and a solid understanding of their challenges and needs.  From A to Z, we’ve been in the thick of it and served Governments and NGO’s across the U.S. and around the world with skill and dedication.  We go the “extra mile”.
     We are proud of all the customers we serve who dedicate their missions, principles and lives to helping assist their fellow human beings during the most desperate and catastrophic of times.  We are honored to assist, supply and serve with you in fulfilling our mutually successful goal of assistance to those in need.  We look forward to continuing to stand side-by-side with you for many, many years to come.
     Thank you so much for your support!

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