South Carolina Hurricane Season

South Carolina Hurricane Preparedness Week May 30 – June 5

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Prepare For The 2021 Hurricane Season

This week, ProPac and the South Carolina Emergency Management Division are working in sync to provide this storm safety message to all residents of South Carolina. With the arrival of warmer weather, now is the time to be ready for hurricane season. If every South Carolina resident spent a few minutes this week learning about hurricane safety and putting together a hurricane safety plan, we’d all be better off when hurricanes hit. Remember to prepare EVERY YEAR, as it only takes ONE storm to cause a lifetime of destruction!

The official start date for the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is June 1, 2021, and ends November 30, 2021. These dates represent the time of year when the majority of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin form and become hurricanes. While the propensity for hurricanes to develop are highest in season, formation of tropical depressions can occur at any time of the year.  Most forecast agencies project 2021 to be a slightly above average year for the formation of named storms.

Learn more about preparedness for your family during Hurricane Season here.

What is a Hurricane?

A hurricane is a type of cyclone – a low pressure system – typically developed in the tropics.  These cyclones are accompanied by thunderstorms and a counterclockwise circulation of winds close to the surface of the earth.  Tropical cyclones are classified as follows:

hurricane disaster


With winds of 38 mph, the tropical depression is organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with a specific circulation pattern.  Sustained winds average about one minute and are measured at approximately 33 feet above sea level.

Tropical Storm

The depression becomes a tropical storm when strong thunderstorms with a surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph.


Tropical storms are upgraded to hurricanes when strong thunderstorms with a well-defined surface circulation develop maximum sustained winds of 74 mph or higher.

Hurricanes are categorized using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale based on the strength of their wind.  Category 1 hurricanes have the lowest wind speeds, while Category 5 hurricanes are the most powerful, resulting in catastrophic damage.  All category storms should be considered dangerous.  Given certain conditions, lower category storms sometimes cause more damage than higher category storms, based on when and where they occur.  Even tropical storms can inflict significant damage and loss of life.  Winds bring significant danger, but the residual flooding can cause significant danger in loss of property and life.

ProPac Hurricane Survival Kit

Prepare your family with a ProPac Hurricane Survival Kit and emergency plan. The survival kit is a great way to have virtually all the supplies you need in one convenient place. The water resistant pail is ideal for storage. The kit includes an Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart and the following items…

Hurricane Survival Kit Contents
  • Propac’s 4-in-1 Flashlight with Crank, Radio, and Cell Phone Charger
  • 4-in-1 Spark Proof Tool
  • Flare Alert Beacons (battery powered), 2 incl.
  • AA Batteries, 4 incl.
  • Multifunction Tool
  • Leather Work Gloves, 2 pairs
  • Goggles, 2 pair
  • Dust Masks, 4 incl.
  • Duct Tape (10 yds), 1 roll
  • Light Sticks (10-12 hrs of light each), 4 incl.
  • Waterproof Matches
  • Plastic Trash Bags, 1
  • Plastic Drop Cloth, 9′ x 12′
  • Signaling Whistle, 4 incl.
  • Tube Tent, 1
  • Rain Ponchos, 4 each
  • 52 Piece First Aid Kit
  • Disposable Medical Gloves, 8 pairs
  • Mylar Emergency Blankets, 2 incl.
  • 1.5 Gallon Water Jug
  • Water Packets (4.227 fl oz each), 20 included
  • Food Bars, 2 packs
  • Can Opener
  • Overnight Hygiene Kits, 4 incl.
  • Toilet Tissue, 1 roll incl.
  • Jr Legal Pad, 2
  • Ink Pen, 2
  • Atlantic hurricane tracking chart
  • 5.3 Gallon Bucket with Tamper-Evident Lid
Purchase your ProPac Hurricane Survival Kit here.