Drive Through / Point of Distribution

The ProPac Drive Through and Point of Distribution (POD) Shelter offers a space for staff to keep safe from the elements while distribution vaccines and supplies.

ProPac Rapid-Deployment shelters are designed for rough conditions and can be configured for any situation. 

Configurations include Medical Surge Centers, Mobile Hospitals, Emergency Rescue Centers, 2-3 Lane Decontamination Systems, Drive-Through Point of Distribution centers, disaster shelters and more.

Our largest shelter only takes about 6 minutes to fully inflate and requires less personnel than the competition. Our shelters are made with a heavy duty 1100 Dtex polyester shell and can withstand winds of up to 60 miles per hour with the help of sturdy tie downs with multiple stake points.

These shelters can provide positive or negative pressure environments by connecting an anteroom. Anterooms are easily connected to form a weather tight seal.

ProPac CEMG Shelters come in multiple shapes and sizes and are customized for your specific use case. Customizable options include interior kits, anterooms, HVAC units and lighting.

Respond quickly with a ProPac rapid deployment shelter. Call us for a quote today.


Single or 2-Lane Drive Through

  • 22'W x 22'L x10'H + Anteroom Connector (7'W x 12'L x 8'H) + 302'W x 30'L x 15'H
  • Heavy Duty 1100 Dtex polyester shell and reflective metallic fly cover
  • Easily deployable in minutes with minimal support staff
  • HVAC cooling and heating capabilities
  • Heavy duty bungee spring tie-downs
  • Extremely stable, withstanding strong winds when tethered
  • Replaceable flooring
  • Windows with roll-up covers in clear vinyl and screened layers.
  • RF Welded seams in support tubes for superior strength - no glues
  • LED Lighting available
  • Electric blower to inflate/deflate, Air Guard and repair kit included
  • Resistant to fire, UV and chemicals

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