Durability.  Convenience.  Uniformity.  These are the characteristics of MRC gear backpacks and carry bags.

From duffles to waist-packs to pouches, ProPac provides a variety of equipment transportation options to go to work fast and efficiently.

Go into any emergency situation knowing you have what you need, when you need it!  “Know us before you need us!”

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  • ProPac Tri-Pac Bag

    SKU: D2009

    Weight: 4
  • Pouch with MRC Logo

    SKU: B6107-MRC

    Weight: 0.05
  • Utility Pouch

    SKU: D2008

    Weight: 0.17
  • Neck Wallet, MRC Logo

    SKU: D2004-MRC

    Weight: 0.11
  • Cinch Bag, MRC Logo

    SKU: D2019-MRC

    Weight: 0.3
  • Medical Responder Pack

    SKU: D2016

    Weight: 4
  • Fanny Pack

    SKU: D2005

    Weight: 0.48
  • Fanny Pack, Custom

    Call 1-800-345-3036 to Order
    SKU: D2005-C

    Weight: 0.48